Universal II - UNI II

  • The Universal II of the MoeckWarmingSystem® is fitted with three air inlets.
  • This model enables a temperature control and pressure-relieving support over the entire surface of the OR table.
Bild Universal II

Product details

Type-Nr. 906
Size* (LxW) 195 x 62 cm
Weight about 1.970 g

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*since the textile products shrink during the first specialised washing cycles, the specified dimensions of the usable surface (excluding air inlets) apply after several cycles and with a tolerance of ±2 cm.

Standard positioning aids and patient positioning systems can be used together with the Universal II.
With the aid of a slide or rolling board, the patient can easily be transferred from one bed to another together with the Universal II mat.
Many of our customers see this textile product solution when combined with a thin sheet over the patient as perfectly sufficient for optimum temperature control. 

Tip: The use of additional pressure-relieving aids in the heel area can simply be avoided by folding the Universal II. 41

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