Infant Cardio

  • The infant cardio mat of the MoeckWarmingSystem® is fitted with three air inlets.
  • Designed for the special requirements of cardiac catheter tables, this mat contains lateral rolls of fabric to prevent liquid spill. It is also fitted with a reclining area with perforations for liquid drainage.
  • The integrated thorax hoses can be draped around the patient at any time. They offer even temperature control from above or from the side.
  • The flaps on the side of the mat can either be used to fix it onto the OR table or simply be turned down.
Bild Infant Cardio

Product details

Type-Nr. 909
Size* (LxW) Thoraxschläuche 48 x 19 cm, Unterteil 86 x 73 cm
Weight about 590 g

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*since the textile products shrink during the first specialised washing cycles, the specified dimensions of the usable surface (excluding air inlets) apply after several cycles and with a tolerance of ±2 cm.

Temperature control from above and below with pressure-relief. Tip: If the mat is turned 180°, the thorax hoses can also be used for temperature control of the lower extremities.

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