Adults II

  • The Adults II of the MoeckWarmingSystem® is fitted with four air inlets.
  • The integrated upper-body blanket can be placed over the patient at any time.
  • To provide maximum flexibility, the integrated upper-body blanket is separable using snap-fasteners in the breast area or at the head opening.
Bild Adults II

Product details

Type-Nr. 904
Size* (LxW) Oberteil 70 x 160 cm, Unterteil 110 x 62 cm
Weight about 1590 g

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*since the textile products shrink during the first specialised washing cycles, the specified dimensions of the usable surface (excluding air inlets) apply after several cycles and with a tolerance of ±2 cm.

Temperature control from above and below with pressure-relief
Standard positioning aids and patient positioning systems can be used together with the Adults II.
Our customers usually use this textile product solution for medium-length to long gynaecological, urological, and surgical operations.

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