Vet 1 for medium sized animals

  • The pad is suitable for animals such as large dogs, pigs, sheep, etc. and is placed under the animal.
  • This allows the animal to be actively tempered and relieved of pressure
  • Convective heating of the patient on all contact surfaces
  • Free operation field
  • Washable and reusable
  • Compatible with almost all warm air devices available on the market
Bild Vet 1 for medium sized animals

Product details

Type-Nr. 2VT001
Size* (LxW) 115 x 60 cm
Weight about 1.200 g

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  Instructions for use


*since the textile products shrink during the first specialised washing cycles, the specified dimensions of the usable surface (excluding air inlets) apply after several cycles and with a tolerance of ±2 cm


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