Twinwarm BB

Bild Twinwarm BB

Product details

Type-Nr. 12BB01 (DE)
Size* (LxW) 46 x 37 x 46 cm
Weight about 12,6 kg

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The Twinwarm BB forced-air warming device with its two hose connections is a real "two-in-one". Its two hose connections improve the effectiveness of the temperature management system.

The MoeckWarmingSystem® air warming device can be operated easily and intuitively from a user-friendly display.

Due to an accurate to the degree temperature setting between mild cool (heating off) and 28 °C to 43 °C as well as an individual five-stage airflow output, the desired temperature target can be reached quickly and easily. The selected (preset) and the actual hose-exit-air-temperature (sensor/info) are both permanently displayed and are thus in sight and under control  at all times.

The hose-exit-air-temperature is directly and reliably measured by sensors mounted in both hose outputs.

The  air warming device is fitted with a quadruple filter system for a high degree of safety and hygiene. An EPA filter inside the device cleans fine particles from the ambient air while six 3-layers pre-filters filter out coarse particles.

Integrated hose end receptacles, a standard rail holding clamp and swivel castors allow for a flexible use of the air warming device.

The maintenance of the device is simple and consists only in regularly replacing the pre-filters (when needed) as well as the EPA filters (after two years at the latest).

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