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MoeckWarmingSystem® prevents the patient from cooling down

The use of the MoeckWarmingSystem® reduces the risks for patients that may result from unwanted hypothermia. This convective temperature management system consists of a forced air warming device as well as warming, blankets and mats. It ensures, for example, that cardiovascular risks such as myocardial infarction and coagulation disorders, as well as risks of inefficient wound healing can be eliminated pre-, intra- or postoperatively by always keeping the patients' core body temperature in the normothermic range.

The technical textile design of the warming blankets and mats (air and fluid barrier, 3D textile structure, and porous filament fabric) ensures that patients are fully enveloped in a convective warmth supply. Thus, the unique patent properties of the MoeckWarmingSystem® enable a safe temperature control of the whole body.

The interaction of the warming device with the warming blankets and mats reliably prevents the patients from losing heat. The MoeckWarmingSystem® thus helps to reduce the duration of their stay in the hospital.

The MoeckWarmingSystem® proposes eight types of warming blankets and mats. Compared to conventional disposable paper blankets, the reusable warming blankets and mats from Moeck & Moeck reliably maintain core temperatures in the normothermic range and convince in a critical cost comparison. The use of a single warming blanket or mat can already be sufficient for saving trouble, time and money before, during and after the operation.

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Mission of Moeck & Moeck. 

Since our beginnings in 2003, we have been committed to the well-being and safety of patients. Ensuring, expanding and increasing their security is a daily challenge and task.

The Moeck & Moeck team is proud to develop medical devices that show reliable ways to improve patient safety. Our innovations redefine previous standards and reliably guide patients to the utmost comfort. This applies to human medicine as well as veterinary medicine.

We fulfil this mission worldwide.

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